At Master Glove, we aim not only to achieve continuous growth but also to grow sustainably in the long horizons. These principles have been translated into our persistent emphasis on various strategies employed to promote sustainability at various aspects.
We aim to provide safe and sound working condition for our people through Environment and Health & Safety programmes. Substantial investments have been made to maintain the well-being of every stakeholder involved, including both the community and the workplace. These areas are keys to our aspiration for sustainable growth as we firmly believe that our tireless effort will benefit everyone involved in the long run.

Water treatment

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Typical glove manufacturing processes produce significant amount of wastewater on daily basis, we therefore, prioritise wastewater treatment to ensure clean water are released back to the environment.
Both plants are equipped with state-of-the-art water treatment facilities, which does not only comply with all environmental standards, but also ensure clean water are released back to the environment.
Almost 50% of Master Glove’s facility has been dedicated for water treatment system which consisted of wastewater treating plants, wastewater treating reservoirs and ranges of empty reservoirs earmarked for future uses.

Biomass boiler

At Master Glove we take global warning seriously as continuous investments have been made to reduce greenhouse gases emission
Significant investments have been made to replace the primary fuel type from fossil fuel to renewable fuel in the form of biomass. Since 2011, all production lines have been operating totally independent from natural gases as we have been successful in installation of biomass boilers. The biomass boilers are more environmental friendly than traditional gas boilers as renewable fuels such as palm kernels emit considerably less amount of atmospheric pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide in comparison to fossil fuels.


At Master Glove, labour safety has always been our first priority
when comes to promoting labour welfare.
We have been working tirelessly to keep our working environment safe at all times through various measures to raise awareness on the values of safe working conditions among employees.
We have continuously implemented the “Injury Free” campaign since the inauguration to create safe working conditions for all employees.
The campaign encourages close monitoring on potential hazards to search for and execute any necessary pre-emptive measures to prevent various causes of injury. Several emergency situation specialists have been hired to carry out trainings and situation drills such as fire drill on a consistent basis.
This is to create awareness among the employees to carry out appropriate responses to any emergency events to limit injuries, casualties and other damages to lives or the property. Furthermore, significant investments have been made into state-of-the-art emergency facilities to prevent, and in an unlikely case of emergency, to ensure the situation will be appropriately dealt with.